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Angelus Therapeutic 


Private Outpatient Counseling in New Castle, PA 

Helping You Find a Stronger, Calmer, Healthier & More Inspired Self. 

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Searching for a sense of balance?

At Angelus we are here to help you to step through the distractions and stressors of day to day life & refocus back on what YOU need to live happier & healthier. Whether it is processing through trauma and loss; finding coping strategies to manage daily anxieties; addressing issues of addictions, or finding a way through the weight of depression and sadness; our therapists are available to travel with you along your path towards hope & healing. 

Our Mission & Passion is to Help our Clients and Our Community Educate, Explore Empower themselves, their relationships and their connections with each other. Working towards helping others grow into themselves and establish new patterns, skills and resources. 


Angelus Therapeutic Services Offers: