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How the pressure starts building:

      A lot of the people I work with find themselves getting overwhelmed with feeling a need to be everything to everyone. It’s the repeating theme of finding yourself running from sun up to sun down (and beyond sometimes) trying to make sure lunches are packed, nothing is left undone at work, homework is finished, dishes are washed, dinner cooked and bills are paid. These things, while all very important, can come with a lot of pressure, wear a person down and leave you feeling like you are stuck in a groundhog day situation.

Michelle Lombardo, LCSW

Michelle has been a therapist at Angelus since  February 2015 on a part time basis and will be increasing to full time January 2018. Available for individual, couples and family sessions Monday- Thursdays!

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Over time the physical and emotional wear and tear begins to show. You get irritable with loved ones, start making mistakes and then are left with a feeling of self doubt and criticism over everything you do. And how to people tend to respond? Typically by ramping up the caffeine and trying to push themselves twice as hard to ‘make it right’ the next time. 

The people I work with come in because they can recognize that what they are used to doing isn’t working for them anymore but don’t know how to it any other way. 

How Can I manage my time Better?

SLOW Down and let Yourself Breathe

Take a Realistic look at your Calendar- How many things can really fit in there?

Give yourself a permission slip to say NO to at least 2 things a day

Incorporate 15 min of exercise, meditation, yoga, deep breathing DAILY

Block out times in the schedule NOT to do things

Practice healthy cooking/ eating habits

Increase water, fruit, vegetables and whole grains

Decrease Sugars, Candy and Caffeine

Find Inspiration Daily- look for reasons to smile:

Put quotes you like where you can see them,

Change the screensaver on your phone or computer

Listen to inspirational podcasts while driving

Turn your music up


Cut down Social Media to 30 min a day or less


About Me

I tend to use very natural healing methods such as Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and EMDR to assist the mind and body to heal naturally. This will include using thought and behavioral based activities to challenge long standing or destructive thoughts that enhance the self criticism loop. Helping my clients find new and healthier ways to approach the internal and external pressures of day to day life. 

“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival”.

-Audre Lorde

Therapy can be a very valuable source or support to help break through old habits and patterns of thinking. If you are thinking about counseling to help with those internal and external pressures contact us today to help start you along your journey. 

Let us know if you have certain days or times you need to schedule your appointments within. Check all that apply and we will try our best to accomodate. Some slots are in higher demand and can take longer to schedule for.

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