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Erin Micco

licensed Social Worker

Having a teenager is hard; having one who is struggling with their emotions can be overwhelming. 

Finding out that your teen has thoughts of ending their own life, doesn’t care about their own safety, or is harming themselves is terrifying. The idea that something could happen to them that you can’t protect them from is hard to get a grasp on.

You are scared, overwhelmed and angry. Your teen doesn’t want to listen, leaves their space a mess and seems to be pulling away faster than you are ready for.

That same child who was full of love and hugs just a few years ago, is now treating you like you are the enemy and you have no idea how to handle this.

I see You. I see Them.

And I am here for you Both.

Availability & Scheduling: Virtual/ Telehealth Sessions only

Insurances Accepted: Aetna, Highmark, & UPMC Commercial Plans

I also work with several EAPs & insurances with out of network benefits


Why Work With Me?

As a Licensed Social Worker and a mom I have spent the last 20 years working with kids, teens and parents in the New Castle/ Lawrence County area. During that time I have worked in an intensive in home program, an outpatient office setting and a partial hospitalization program. I have seen families at their best and at their worst. Standing with them as they worked through some of the most difficult stages and times in their lives. Helping teens and families who are struggling with no energy, moodiness, feelings of emptiness and anxiety is something I am passionate about. I work towards helping conversations happen and families come back together as they learn how to whether the storms of adolescence. 

Schedule an appointment with me today to start helping your teen understand and manage their emotions and find new and safer ways to express them.

Call us at 724-654-9555 to schedule an appointment, our office manager Anna is available M-F from 10 AM-3 PM to help you with the process. For a faster response complete our New Client Questionnaire and we will contact you. 

If your teen is voicing active suicidal thoughts and has a plan, OR their behaviors lead you to believe that they are not able to keep themselves safe in this moment, don't hesitate; Call the 24 hour Crisis Line at 724-652-9000 (Lawrence County) or take them immediately to the nearest emergency room.