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Angelus’s Counseling services 

At Angelus we love what we do and take pride in being able to offer quality counseling services to help our clients better themselves and their situations. 


Struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression? Need someone to talk to outside of friends and family? Someone that can help you work through changes or transitions in your life without having to worry about judgement or protecting their feelings? Therapy can allow you a safe space to explore yourself… to find your voice… to conquer your fears… to learn to control your emotions, or to help you move past your past. 


We tend to think that relationships “should” be easy, that all we need is love and everything else will fall into place. Then life happens; we lose trust, build up resentments, and feel disconnected from our partners. Couples Counseling involves helping both partners feel heard and valued in their relationship. Addressing both the current problems and the issues under the surface that may have been left untended. Working towards healing wounds, reconciling, growing together, or at times navigating the ending of a relationship in the healthiest ways.


Children see and experience the world in very different ways than we do as adults. Emotions that we see on the surface do not always match what they are feeling on the inside. Oftentimes their counseling comes in the form of play, games, art, or interactive activities that allow them to express what they do not always understand and learn new ways to handle what they are experiencing.


Adolescence is perhaps the most difficult time in a person’s life. Everything is changing physically and emotionally for them. School starts to get harder, expectations increase, and their social system starts to matter more and more to them. Adding to that the prevalence of constant information coming at them from social media and the tendency for us to to expect them to think and act like mini adults. Put this together and we can have a perfect storm. Counseling will aim at teaching them that even though they cannot control the wind, they can adjust their sails.

Compass School Based Counseling Services

Compass is a school-based Counseling Program based in Laurel Schools and provides Licensed Therapists that are trained and specialized to work with children K-12 with emotional and behavioral struggles.


Are you struggling with intrusive thoughts, images or flashbacks? Feeling that you have “talked” through your traumas and trigger areas but feel unable to contain the anxiety?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an integrative psychotherapy technique based on how memories are stored in the body that is effective in the treatment of trauma, phobias, somatization, and a variety of other areas of significant distress.

Virtual Counseling

It’s understandable that meeting in our office is not always convenient. Online appointments allow you to receive the same quality care as you do in person. No need to take time off work, find a sitter, or deal with traffic in order to meet with our therapists.