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Laurel School-Based Counseling Services

Have you noticed changes in your child’s mood?

Do they appear anxious, overwhelmed or easily frustrated?

Are you having difficulty in talking to or connecting with them?

Do they struggle with finding or using healthy coping skills?

Are they having difficulty making or keeping friends?

Do you find yourself worrying about them frequently?


We Can Help

Every Student Deserves to Thrive:

At Angelus, we recognize that children’s mental health is the cornerstone of their overall development. Just as physical health plays a vital role in their growth, emotional well-being is equally important. Addressing children’s mental health needs isn’t just an option – it’s an essential investment in their present and future success. By fostering emotional resilience, we equip children with the tools they need to navigate challenges, build healthy relationships, and lead fulfilling lives.

Only the Best:

We truly enjoy working with families to address the emotional, behavioral and/or mental health struggles their children may be experiencing and helping them back to just being kids again. 

Angelus Therapeutic Services has been working with the Laurel School District since 2013 to bridge the service gap and bring quality counseling to children and teens with emotional and/or behavioral struggles. Sessions are held in the school and during the school day (typically during academic down time) to combat transportation and scheduling stress. This also decreases anxiety on both the child and the family as counseling is withing a known space and they are surrounded by people that they know and trust.

Our therapists work with children, teens, parents, teachers and other community agencies to not only address problem symptoms but underlying causes and environmental issues that impact a child’s mental health.

At Laurel Elementary school our Compass counseling room is tucked into a back hallway to maintain the student’s privacy and confidentiality.

At the Laurel Junior/Senior high school we most often meet with students in the administrative wing hallway. Students access through by going through the Guidance Department, again reinforcing privacy for the student.

Working Together for Spartan’s Mental Health and Wellness:


Parents, Teachers, Mental Health Supports

When these pillars of a child’s life align, something extraordinary happens. Angelus believes in the power of collaboration to cultivate children’s mental health and wellness. When parents, educators, and dedicated support services like Compass Insurance Counseling and Support for Spartans come together, a holistic network is formed. This network empowers children and teenagers to face life’s complexities with confidence, resilience, and a sense of belonging.

In the Classroom and Beyond:

Teachers aren’t just educators; they’re mentors, guides, and trusted figures in a child’s journey. Angelus recognizes that educators play a crucial role in shaping children’s mental well-being. By fostering open communication between parents, teachers, and support services, we create a harmonious environment where children can learn, grow, and flourish emotionally.

A Circle of Care:

Parental involvement is a cornerstone of effective child development. When parents actively engage with educators and mental health professionals, a supportive circle of care is established. This circle ensures that children’s mental health needs are understood, addressed, and nurtured holistically. Together, we create an atmosphere where children feel safe expressing their emotions and seeking the support they need to thrive.

As we embark on this journey to uplift Laurel School District’s young minds, Angelus is committed to uniting parents, teachers, and support services. Together, we build a foundation of emotional well-being that prepares children to navigate life’s challenges and embrace their full potential.

Lori Krol

Lori Krol

Licensed Professional Counselor

*Pride & Promise Award Recipients 

Alexandra Seigfried

Alexandra Seigfried

Licensed Professional Counselor

Stacy Williams

Stacy Williams

MSW Intern

managing mental health for kids
Laurel Compass Program Data:
2022-2023 School Year 
    • Insurance reimbursed counseling appointments seen at school and billed through insurance by licensed therapists.  

    • 26 Students for a total of 456 counseling appointments 

      • 329 Held elementary school Appointments 

      • 127 Held High school Appointments 

      • Saving roughly 912 hours of academic instruction thus far as students did not need to leave school to be transported to and from appointments as after-school appointment times are exceptionally limited and difficult to access.  

    • Cost to school district: $0! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Compass

You can initiate Compass by either discussing your interest with your guidance counselor, a phone call to Angelus at 724-654-9555 or completing the New Client tab at the bottom of this page. Please identify yourself as interested in the Compass program at Laurel when you make contact so that we can streamline the process for you.

What information do I need when I call

To simplify the process please have the following information available when you reach out to Angelus. We will need your child’s name and birthday, your phone number/ address, insurance information (company & ID#), email address, child’s grade & teacher, and presenting symptoms

Why do you need my email address

To increase ease and accessibility of services Angelus utilizes a full electronic medical record system. Each client is set up with a personalized ‘Patient Portal’ where they can complete their opening paperwork and signature forms prior to their child’s intake. These decreases the formality of the intake process and helps decrease anxiety for the kids. It also will offer an instant messaging feature between the therapist and parents to ensure positive communication is ongoing within treatment.

This is not an optional process and is necessary for our systems operation.

Who Pays for Compass Counseling

Compass counseling is provided by therapists from Angelus Therapeutic Services and is billed through your behavioral health benefits of your medical insurance. You will be responsible for any copays or deductibles that may apply. This is not a product of the school district and they do not provide payment for these services.

What insurances do you take

Therapists are able to accept either Private Pay & Most Major Medical Insurances; including Aetna, UPMC Commercial, United Healthcare, Beacon/VBH, Highmark/Blue Cross/Anthem

*Coverage Subject to Change & Varies by Clinician

Will this interfere with my child's schoolwork

We make every attempt to schedule your child during down times of the day, such as class specials, study halls, and/or lunch. When this is not possible we will vary your child’s appointments so that they will minimally interfere with core classes. By not having to pick your child up and drive them to an appointment and back this dramatically cuts down on the amount of missed class time.

Who has to be present and agree to counseling for my child to participate

In situations with shared legal/medical custody of a child under the age of 14 both parents have to be in agreement to counseling and willing to sign consents and participate in counseling as needed. If an adolescent is between the ages of 14-18, either the student or one parent may initiate and sign for services. Both parents do not have to be in agreement to treatment this this circumstance.

How often are my child's sessions

Each child’s situation is unique. Your therapist will work with you and your child/adolescent to decide their level of care needs. Typically sessions are once every 1-2 weeks for 45 min-1 hr.

Have a question not listed here

Send us an email at hello@angelustherapeuticservics.com

and we will be happy to answer it and add it to this section to help others.

Laurel School District Contact Information:

  • Laurel School District Website
  • Laurel Elementary: 724-658-2673
  • Laurel Middle- High School:  724-658-9056
    • Mrs. Michele McClelland, Guidance Counselor Grades 7-8th- ext. 1930
    • Mr. Matthew Pertile, Guidance Counselor Grades 9-12th- ext 1953